About Aars | Wells

Aars | Wells is a Dallas-based creative communications agency with a proven track record of developing integrated marketing campaigns that improve the business performance of their clients.


Aars | Wells understands how data is integral to a successful marketing campaign. The firm has been involved in several international brand launches and has seen first-hand how being data-driven can optimize their effort and spend.

Aars | Wells saw the value of Google Analytics early on. But while installing it was easy, they encountered problems straight away. Conversion tracking wasn’t automatically set up, and it was impossible to tell which user actually led to a lead generation and which user did nothing.

Moreover, even after learning how to navigate the tool and looking at multiple dashboards, the data presented was not actionable. There was no context behind the numbers. “Bounce rate decreased but less people came to the site.”, the team recalled, “What does that mean? We wanted a simple way to find out if what we’re doing is working or not, and then show our clients the results.”


Aars | Wells now uses PaveAI to help them with analytics setup, analysis, and reporting. The software automatically tracks every lead generation, and integrates analytics with ad networks in less 5 minutes.

Content marketing is a cornerstone in Aars | Wells’s philosophy, and with PaveAI they can also effortlessly track blog efforts and cost. Aars | Wells can now easily see how far users scrolled down and track how many times each blog is linked.

The most exciting feature of PaveAI is that it analyzes all the data, looking at over 16+ million data combinations, to tell Aars | Wells exactly what’s working and what’s not based on the client’s goals. And PaveAI also puts all the important insights in an easy to read and actionable report that can easily be edited, saving Aars | Wells hours of digging through Google Analytics, looking at marketing spreadsheets, and manually compiling a nice report.


With PaveAI at the ready, they improved client’s satisfaction, retention rates, and saved time and money. How? Let’s break down just some of the measurable results.

Using PaveAI, the team now knows exactly how their marketing efforts are doing, and how they could improve based on their data. They don’t need to hire an IT team to implement conversion tracking or a data analyst to look through all the data and spreadsheets.

PaveAI’s reports show Aars | Wells’s clients the results of their marketing campaigns, and how the agency is using data to optimize the client’s ROI. Satisfaction and retention rates nearly doubled with these reports.

Naturally, the team couldn’t be more thrilled. It wasn’t just luck or measuring ‘bounce rates’, this was using data-driven recommendations to provide measurable results. With PaveAI, the team could now let Google Analytics data work for them, not the other way around.